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Printing Services


Negative size & service

Because this is a contact printing process negatives must be of the same size as the desired print. Digital files are normally required. They can be submitted by email or by sending a CD/DVD. You can also supply traditional negatives/slides (135, 120, 4x5’ etc…). In all cases, it is preferable to provide a sample silver print with the original negative along with printing details. Any print interpretation must be discussed prior to the making of the print. In order for us to provide a quality Pt/Pd print, we must first make an enlarged negative. This negative will be made to match your request. If you cannot provide us with a match print we can make one at a nominal charge for your approval. Once the enlarged negative is made the print making process will begin.

Types of paper

* Crane's Weston Diploma Parchment

Crane's Diploma Parchment is a worthy successor to the discontinued Platinotype paper. At 47lb, this natural coloured paper without a watermark produces incredibly crisp handmade photographs with excellent shadow density and tonal separations. The hot pressed surface has superior resistance to abrasion, making smooth coating easier. Crane's Parchment Diploma is an unbuffered,100% rag cotton paper

* Bergger COT-320

A luxurious 100% cotton rag paper base without withening agent. Weight: 320 g/m2

For any other type of paper please contact us.

Portfolio and Edition prices

Portfolio as well as editioning prices available on request. Editioning costs less (since the digital negative needs to be made only once for the first print). Additional prints must be ordered at the time of the first print to qualify for the additional print price. If your prints are to be a numbered edition we suggest that all of the prints be made at the same time so that minor differences in printing sessions will not affect the final product.

Delivery time

Turnaround times are flexible. Prices will increase for rush work. Generally, single print orders will take 7-10 working days.

Mount and matt

All prints are available mounted and matted at extra cost.


If you have questions about printing services, please feel free to contact us.


Payment in full is required prior to shipping.

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